Zakat-Based Community Driven Development Cognition Development in the Field of Zakat Practice in Indonesia

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Khuzaifah Hanum


This study investigates the cognition development in the phenomena of zakat-based community driven development (CDD) in Indonesia. Comparing with the previous and contemporary practice of zakat, this paper identifies that formation of institutional forces and distant field from social networks on actors contribute some influences in the cognition development in zakat practice, especially in zakat disbursement for empowering the beneficiaries of zakat (mustahiq). This study contributes not only to contemporary zakat practices by developing new model in zakat disbursement program, but also to neo-institutional studies on the cognition development of actors and conditions of change in the strategic action field from the experience on zakat practice in Indonesia.


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Hanum, K. (2019, November 4). Zakat-Based Community Driven Development. Indonesian Conference of Zakat - Proceedings, 1-13.