Good Amil Governance in Yogyakarta: Psychological Approach

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Zaki Abdullah Dinda Aisyah Najmi Duddy Roesmara Donna


The implementation of Good Amil Governance as one of important aspects in standard of international zakat management institution that stated in Zakat Core Principles requires an approach that is more than just amil competence and qualification aspect. Psychological aspect of amil in work also needs to be considered in order to obtain and maintain the best human resources. As a profession that is oriented towards social benefits, amil has different working rhythm and consequences from profit institutions. This research aims to measure the happiness of amil in the workplace and see the impact on amil productivity. The result show that amil is a satisfying job, the most blissful factor for amil is work motivation, while the most unhappy factor for amil is unclear career path and less promising. In addition, the happiness level of amil also has positive relationship to the work productivity level of amil. Therefore, psychology condition of amil should be considered in order to increase the performance of zakat institutions.


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Abdullah, Z., Najmi, D., & Donna, D. (2019, November 18). Good Amil Governance in Yogyakarta: Psychological Approach. Indonesian Conference of Zakat - Proceedings, 41-49.