Risk Management Analysis of Productive Zakat Distribution: A Case Study of DPU DT Yogyakarta A Case Study of DPU DT Yogyakarta

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Safaah Restuning Hayati Abraham Zakky Zulhazmi Rizqi Dwi Ningrum Syah Amelia Manggala P Aqidah Asri Suwarsi


This study aims to analyze the Risk Management of the distribution of productive zakat funds in the MISYKAT program at DPU DT Yogyakarta Branch. This research is a descriptive qualitative research. This study uses data collection techniques with triangulation techniques namely observation, interviews and documentation. Interviews were conducted with staff/employees at DPU DT Yogyakarta Branch, Mustahiq MISYKAT Program and who experts and concentrate on zakat. The informant selection technique is by establishing several criteria and data validity techniques by triangulating the source. The results of this study indicate that DPU DT in carrying out the MISYKAT program uses risk management that is fully guided by the book "Operational Strategy Guide for MISYKAT Empowerment Program DPU Daarut Tauhiid". The book was issued by the DPU DT central. Based on the results of the study it can be concluded that DPU DT implements risk management of productive zakat distribution in the MISYKAT program as well as operational procedures and guidelines issued by the DPU DT central even though it has not been fully implemented.


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Hayati, S., Zulhazmi, A. Z., Ningrum, R. D., Manggala P, S. A., & Suwarsi, A. A. (2019, November 20). Risk Management Analysis of Productive Zakat Distribution: A Case Study of DPU DT Yogyakarta. Indonesian Conference of Zakat - Proceedings, 192-202. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.37706/iconz.2019.175