The Role of Zakat on Sustainable Economic Development by Rumah Zakat

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Selamat Muliadi


This study aimed to explain conceptual the role of Zakat on sustainable economic development by Rumah Zakat. Rumah Zakat is a philanthropic institution that manage zakat and other social funds through community empowerment programs. In running the program, including economic empowerment and socio health services are designed for these recipients. Rumah Zakat connection with the establisment of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) which is to help impoverished recipients economically and socially. The primary goal of Zakat on sustainable economic development, not only limited to economic variables, but based on Islamic principles has comprehensive characteristics. The characteristics includes moral, material, spiritual and social aspects. In other words, sustainable economic development is closely related to improving people living standar. The purpose of this study was to identity the role of Zakat on sustainable economic development, which was applied by Rumah Zakat. This study used the descriptive method and qualitative analysis. The data source was secondary data collected from documents and texts related to the research topic, be it books, articles, newspapers, journals or others. The results showed that the role of zakat on sustainable economic development by rumah zakat has been quite good and in accordance with the principle of Islamic economics. The contribution of the program productive implementation has been aligned with four goals in the sustainable development i.e. Senyum Juara, Senyum Lestari, Senyum Mandiri and Senyum Sehat. Performance of Rumah Zakat in the sustainable economic empowerment community taking into account dimensions such as input, process, output and outcome.


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Muliadi, S. (2020, November 25). The Role of Zakat on Sustainable Economic Development by Rumah Zakat. Indonesian Conference of Zakat - Proceedings, 355-370.
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Selamat Muliadi, Hamzar University College of Islamic Economics Lombok Timur

Researcher with 4 years of extensive experience in business, market research, leadership and problem solving skills. I have the ability to speak in public and presentation. I uphold the principles of discipline, responsibility and on time.