Productive Zakat PROPAZ Steps to Eradicating Poverty in Brunei Darussalam

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Rakinah @ Maimunah Haji Masri


The issue of poverty is not a new thing and the way to eradicate it is not easy. In fact, it takes a long time and takes a lot of steps, strategies, effective methods also takes a lot of involvement from various parties and so on. This issue should not be left out, it needs to be addressed in an effective way. As an islamic state, there are many ways to deal with poverty according to Shariat policy, which is zakat. Islam is very concerned about justice, well-being and harmony of the people. One of the purposes of zakat is to improve the well-being of the people.Through zakat, the rights of the poor, the poor are upheld and helped. Therefore, apart from zakat which is consumptive, it is also enabled through zakat which is productive which is to increase or as venture capital. Majlis Ugama Islam as the zakat manager of Brunei Darussalam has tried to diversify the steps of assistance in order to help asnafs who need especially the poor. Beside to distributing zakat funds consumptively, MUIB also holds a new program as a means of productive distribution called PROPAZ. PROPAZ introduced as part of the expected distribution method to reduce poverty in Brunei Darussalam.

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