The Efficacy of Bengkalis Regency's BAZNAS programs towards the Ummah

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Zulfikar Hasan


This study aims to find out and see how the results of the Baznas program in Bengkalis Regency, especially in the distribution of zakat funds. The research was conducted with a qualitative approach with a descriptive method whose data were obtained through interviews, observation, documentation, and literature review. The results showed that 6 programs were prioritized by the Bengkalis Regency Baznas for mustahik. The six programs are in the fields of education, economy, health, humanity, disaster response, and da'wah and advocacy. The six programs that have been mentioned, do they have efficacy or impact on the problems of the ummah, especially for mustahik. The programs that have been implemented by the Bengkalis Regency Baznas can be categorized as long-term and short-term programs. In addition, there are types of productive and consumptive zakat, of which this type can be included in every Baznas program. It is hoped that in the future there will be more explanations about the programs that have been made by Baznas and what impact it has on the community.


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Hasan, Z. (2022, February 7). The Efficacy of Bengkalis Regency’s BAZNAS programs towards the Ummah. Indonesian Conference of Zakat - Proceedings, 577-586.