The Youtuber's Waqf and Zakat Model as a Fundraising Innovation for Waqf Funds

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Lukman Hamdani Evan Hamzah




The basic thing related to the management of waqf, which is very lacking, is the absence of operational funds for nazhir and the low level of education and socialization of waqf. While the potential for our waqf is large, reaching Rp. One hundred eighty trillion for cash waqf, and the potential value of the waqf is Rp. 2,000 trillion while the current total waqf funds are only Rp. 819.36 billion. The purpose of this study is to create a waqf and zakat, you tuber model. This research method is qualitative with a list of librarians sourced from data from journals, books, etc., related to waqf, infaq and sadaqah. The results of this study are that there are two models that BWI can use in terms of waqf fund Fundraising Innovation, namely through waqf models and zakat you tuber synergies with you tubers/creator content and selebgram or the second model, namely waqf, Infaq Shadaqah waqf content where BWI creates waqf content for waqf project management or BWI creates Infaq and Sadaqah content for Nazhir and Mauquf Alaih operations.




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Hamdani, L., & Hamzah, E. (2022, February 4). The Youtuber’s Waqf and Zakat Model as a Fundraising Innovation for Waqf Funds. Indonesian Conference of Zakat - Proceedings, 267-276.