Social Media and Women’s Motivation to Donate

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Widya Anggoro


Motivates to donate usually occur because of factors influencing directly or indirectly. This study aims to determine the level of empathy, donation campaigns, and social media in influencing women's motivation to donate. Respondents in this study were 124 female respondents by using purposive sampling method in sample taking technique. Data processing and analysis using data quality test, classic assumption test, multiple linear analysis, and hypothesis test. According to multiple linear regression, empathy level variable (X1) has t value 0.308 with significance level 0.759 and concluded that empathy level variable is not significantly influence women’s motivation to donate, inversely to donation campaign variable (X2) with t value 2.321 and significance level 0.022 or social media variable (X3) with t value 2.255 and significance level 0.026 partially have significant influence to women’s motivation to donate.


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Anggoro, W. (2022, February 7). Social Media and Women’s Motivation to Donate. Indonesian Conference of Zakat - Proceedings, 417-426.