Problems and Solutions in Digitalization Zakat Early Study in South Kalimantan

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Sri Maulida Fahmi Al Amruzi Budi Rahmat Hakim


The gap between potential and realization in collecting zakat through digital platforms makes innovations in zakat management continue to grow. The purpose of this study is (i) to analyze the readiness of zakat management institutions in facing the era of zakat digitalization (ii) to analyze the problems and solutions managers face in managing zakat funds through digital platforms. The methodology in this study uses two methods: the interview method and the Delphi method. The results showed that most of the zakat management institutions in South Kalimantan were ready to face the era of zakat digitalization and based on the analysis of problems and solutions in the use of digital platforms in zakat management, it was found that alternative priority problems must be resolved and priority solutions can be obtained for zakat institutions.


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Maulida, S., Amruzi, F., & Hakim, B. (2022, February 3). Problems and Solutions in Digitalization Zakat. Indonesian Conference of Zakat - Proceedings, 163-188.