The Role of Zakat in Increasing Social Welfare during Pandemic a Literature Study from Southeast Asia Countries

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Bella Jastacia Dinda Ismu Asyifa


The covid-19 outbreak came at the beginning of 2020, which decreased global economics. Many people lost their work, some students dropped out because of no cost, and micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) struggled during this outbreak. Some countries have their own to face the pandemic, such as in Muslim countries which have some ways to assist economic problems during pandemic because they have islamic finance product such as zakat. Zakat is an obligatory thing for all muslim that must be paid to welfare and eridicate poverty. This is an essential thing that can increase social welfare, especially during this pandemic. However,this study is non-empirical research using literature review from Southeast Asia countries starting from 2020 – 2021 to show Southeast Asia’s countries act in facing pandemic by using zakat. The result showed that zakat could assist the main aspects of social welfare; healthcare, education, income during this pandemic. Thus, Southeast Asia countries have almost the same action in facing pandemic.


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Jastacia, B., & Asyifa, D. (2022, February 7). The Role of Zakat in Increasing Social Welfare during Pandemic. Indonesian Conference of Zakat - Proceedings, 501-506.