International Conference of Zakat (ICONZ) which in 2022 has changed name to the Indonesian Conference of Zakat (ICONZ) An International Conference aims at bringing scholars and practitioners together to discuss zakat in modern era. We welcome the sharing of knowledge resulting related to zakat and Islamic social finance from research from various fields including from inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary perspectives. We aim to create an ideal zakat environment for the discussion, exploration and reflection of key issues that are shaping the world through our series of conferences and publications.

ICONZ held annually, our Annual Conference provides an important opportunity for practitioners and researchers in zakat to not only network and learn but also to debate and vote on new policy. This is our signature and zakat exclusive forum yearly event - bringing together zakat practitioners, local government, external stakeholders and media. Additionally, the ICONZ consists of two days of full plenary, split plenary and parallel sessions where participants will immerse themselves in the zakat challenges discussion.


2022: The 6th International Conference of Zakat (ICONZ) Proceeding

Published: 2023-04-12

A Qualitative Review on Zakat Innovation: NVivo 12 Approach

Nadia Nurul Izza, Aam Slamet Rusydiana


Zakat in Facing the Challenges of Economic Recession

Nurul Saifudin, Nur Laila Murtafiqoh


Zakat Management and Welfare Distribution: Evidence from 34 Provinces in Indonesia

Dzuliyati Kadji, Dynda Fadhillah Aulia, Girindra Mega Paksi


Relationship of Zakat, Sharia Bank, and Poverty: A Theoretical Exploration

Windi Novia Ratri Wardhani, Edytya Nurdiana, Ratih Pratiwi, Hasan Hasan, Nanang Yusroni


Philanthropy, Mosques, and Community Empowerment

Puput Lestari, Khoirul Hadi Al Asy'ari


The Potential of the Millennial Generation in Paying Zakat through Digital Payment

Nisrina Nuri Wardhianti, Dewi Ghitsatul Hisan, Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal


The Role of Dompet Dhuafa Shelter House in Realizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Indonesia

Annisa Silvi Kusumastuti, Raisatul Karimah, Ifah Nur Saidah, Lu’luatul Jadidah, Risma Hafida Nuarisa, Sri Firda Rahmi Aliya Putri


Firmness of the Islamic Foundation: For Dissidents of Zakat

Shodiq Abdullah, Suhartono Suhartono, Khalimatus Sadiyah


Management of Zakat Funds in the Mustahik Medical Device Assistance Program

Farida Ikha Salsabila, Muhammad Nazhif Mulia, Annisa Nur Rahmawati, Rosida Dwi Ayuningtyas


Digital Transportation of Zakat Management at BAZNAS in Tegal District

Syahrulloh Nawaf, Alfina Susheillawati, Risti Lia Sari


The Role of Zakat in Poverty Alleviation in Indonesia

Dewi Ghitsatul Hisan, Hidayaneu Farchatunnisa, Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal


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